McCoy back on a 500cc GP bike

Garry McCoy, Australia’s much loved King of Slide, thrilled racing fans worldwide, when he fired up a 500cc 2 stroke GP bike in Europe last month.  Garry raced alongside legends of the great 500cc 2 stroke motorcycle racing era at the 2016 World GP Bike Legends event, held at the ADAC Sachsenring Classic in Germany on 11 & 12 June. 

McCoy raced at the German event alongside fellow Australian, former World Champion and WGPB Legends Rider Ambassador, Wayne Gardner.   

The two Aussies took on a field of former Grand Prix riders and World Champions including seven-time GP World Champion Phil Read, triple GP World Champion ‘Fast Freddie’ Spencer, five-time GP winner Pierfrancesco ‘Frankie’ Chili and four-time GP winner Didier de Radigues along with many other heroes of 500cc GP racing. 

McCoy, having retired from professional racing in 2010, said “I was honoured that Wayne invited me to participate in this fantastic event.  The 500cc era of GP racing still ignites so much passion and so many great memories for fans of motorcycle racing and for me” 

“Of all the bikes I’ve ridden, the 500 2 stroke was definitely my favourite.  I was excited to get back on one.  It was such a privilege racing alongside some of my heroes, the guys that went before me who I’d never had a chance to race against” he said. 

For more information on this and future events, visit the World GP Bike Legends website. 

Photo credit: World GP Bike Legends