New Garry McCoy Coaching Programs

I’m excited to launch my new motorcycle coaching programs and website! This really has been another dream realised for me. A lifelong passion. Even when I was winning races at the highest level, I always knew I would come home and do this. 
Back in 2002, when I was competing in the MotoGP Championship, I purchased property in Cooyar, Queensland, approximately a 2.5 hour drive from Brisbane. I carved myself a range of tracks on the property and these became my off-season training and practice tracks when I was home from Europe between racing seasons.
My private tracks continued to change and develop over the years, always with the goal in mind to, one day, create one of Australia’s largest dedicated off-road motorcycle coaching and practice facilities. Having retired from professional racing in 2010, I’m proud to have the venue, GMC Cooyar and my new Garry McCoy Coaching programs up and running.
In addition to off-road coaching at GMC Cooyar, for the past few years I’ve been providing road racing and track day coaching to juniors and seniors. I’m really looking forward to continuing to share my racing knowledge and experience and to seeing Australia’s next generation of motorcycling champions emerge.
Enjoy my new website. There’s a few more updates including track videos to come. Please contact me to discuss your coaching needs. I’d love to help!
– Garry McCoy